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Baronial Equestrian Champion

Yeah, kinda stunned me, too. :) 

Chamfron went off without a hitch, and my Quest was very well received, with several people running it multiple times, sometimes swapping horses to do so, and I even got to ride it myself bareback on Aziza.  She was introduced to the dreaded blue tarp for the very first time, and though I would have gotten a much better score/time had I dismounted and led her around the tarp, I am far more proud of the fact that I was able to coax her over it with just seat, legs and voice (and of course lots of mane rubbing and encouragement).  The rest she danced through like the trooper she is (though she tried to pretend the logs immediately after the tarp were also scary; once she realized nothing else was That Big A Deal, she gave up on the attention-seeking and headed through the obstacles like a veteran).

Bad part?  Topping the quest idea next year. I hope Alphia autocrats. :P

This weekend is the Equestrian Symposium in Rivenstar. I am planning on going, though that may turn out to be overly ambitious, but they're planning on having a kingdom marshal's meeting that I'd really like to be a part of.  We shall see!

overheard at our house...

Gary, after having brought in some SCA gear out of the truck:

"I can't imagine what I just looked like...even in silhouette, you could see I was carrying a bow and arrows and a human head."

(A little PS-- next Feb 12 is our TENTH anniversary together.  Yeah, that stuns me, too.  In a good way. :> )

I think I will always love them

Got a hankering to see Penn & Teller's Casey at the Bat classic...I saw it a-way back in '85 (yep, I'm old) on PBS, happened to flip to it just as they were starting the segment.  And I've never forgotten it-- or the freshness of a performer seemingly just dicking over his partner (or trying to).  But anyway.  Found it on youtube, and read this comment:

"Penn is a very good magician in his own right. He is better on his own than many professional magicians. You don't spend 35 years working with Teller without becoming a good magician on your own. But, odd fact, Penn is the better palmer. Why you ask. Have you seen his hands? He could palm his own head."

Sleep deprived that I am, that last sentence was the funniest fucking thing in the world to me right then.  Laughed so hard I hurt myself.  So thanks, buddyholly24 on youtube.

A&S Faire

Yesterday was the Midlands regional A&S Faire, and my first one ever.  My attempt at Bedouin poetry got a second with extremely good feedback and good criticism.  Cooler than that, though, my laurel gave me the White Chamfron badge he'd carved and cast for me.  It's a lovely thing, sizable without being bulky, and I'm terribly proud of it.  I would love to figure out a way to display the little awards and tokens I've been given that would show them appropriately without being obnoxious about it.  This probably bears further research-- what a shock.  Research in the SCA-- who'da thunk? :>

Feb. 25th, 2011

I've been asked to teach a class at For Hands in September.

"Something equestrian," since that is my primary focus, "or (Middle Eastern) cultural."  Because those are frequently lacking from local classes, and because I've been researching and playing with both.

Thing is, I don't know zip about either, not really.  I'm still very much a student myself.

And yes, I know teaching is a great way to learn; it's also a great way to disseminate incorrect information.  I don't want to be one of THOSE teachers.  But I do want to teach.

It's a hands-on A&S class event; you teach how to do something.  All I've really hands-on done with equestrian or ME persona stuff has been making garb and a teensy bit of jewelry.  I could do a class on quick-and-dirty Bedouin for your horse, I suppose; all my ME garb experience has been based on the research of others, and that feels too much like plagiarism. :)  But I can't imagine that my q&d Bedouin is of use to anyone but me, and maybe-- *maybe*-- one other person.

But hey, if I offer a class and no one shows, that makes it *really* simple, doesn't it?

Eh, decisions.  I'm halfway toward getting out from under my last model horse hobby obligation, and it's a doozy; and I'm autocratting Crystal Chamfron again this year-- June 4, which is coming up lots faster than it should be.  And we're going to try to breed Aziza again this year; that process starts NEXT MONTH.