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I think I will always love them

Got a hankering to see Penn & Teller's Casey at the Bat classic...I saw it a-way back in '85 (yep, I'm old) on PBS, happened to flip to it just as they were starting the segment.  And I've never forgotten it-- or the freshness of a performer seemingly just dicking over his partner (or trying to).  But anyway.  Found it on youtube, and read this comment:

"Penn is a very good magician in his own right. He is better on his own than many professional magicians. You don't spend 35 years working with Teller without becoming a good magician on your own. But, odd fact, Penn is the better palmer. Why you ask. Have you seen his hands? He could palm his own head."

Sleep deprived that I am, that last sentence was the funniest fucking thing in the world to me right then.  Laughed so hard I hurt myself.  So thanks, buddyholly24 on youtube.