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Philippe told me Tuesday night that last summer I was awarded the White Chamfron. (There are two SCA awards that hold any real interest for me, and the Chamfron is one of them.) Apparently none of the people who recommended me for it were notified to have me there (it was an out of state event I didn't attend), and the scroll came home to or with someone in our Barony who promptly lost it. Oddly reminiscent, I told him, of my AoA; it was about a year (or more?) after I received it in court-- after being hurried in by the person who'd forgotten to make sure I'd be present-- that the scroll and I were in the same place at the same time for me to actually get it.

Philippe apparently wants to make up for this by carving a mold and casting a pewter chamfron badge for me. I am totally cool with this. :) I have a neat laurel.  This does help compensate for...well, all the rest.  Going six months without knowing I'd achieved one of my dearest goals.  The lost scroll.  Missing out on the presentation of the award twice (the original out of state court, and then at home when the scroll went on walkabout).  But having it's the important thing-- I'm doing good work, that helps other people and that they have noticed and appreciate.  'Tis nice. :)

I am terribly pleased with receiving the award, but now I'm torn between the bursting-with-pride option of actually putting the initials behind my name in sig lines and such, and not being an arrogant or smarmy...ah, anything. :)

Epic Oswald, Epic Mickey

So, earlier this week we went on an Epic Mickey pre-order binge.  The game, the strategy book, the special paint brush controller-- oh, yeah, and a Wii.  I confessed to the store manager who was helping us that we're getting the console just for that game, and she said she is doing the same thing.  She play tested it in San Antonio and has been on pins and needles waiting for it ever since.  Gary and I were talking about the game Avery mentioned to us, Pandemic I believe it was, and how the review of it said gaming hasn't yet had its Citizen Kane; I said I thought Disney handing Oswald to Warren Spector and letting him make his first appearance in 80 years in a game legitimized the art form.  I said gaming may not have had its Citizen Kane, but it's getting its Steamboat Willie.  He thought that was quite pithy. :>

Can NOT wait!  ºoº

Sep. 5th, 2010

Gary took me a couple of weeks ago to the Science Center to see the exhibition of the Whydah recovery.  It was pretty awe-inducing.  But for that storm, I think Bellamy would be ranked with Blackbeard as a "household pirate name."  We weren't supposed to take pictures, unfortunately (though there were no docents around to make sure people obeyed that rule-- um, *cough*), but the exhibit opened strongly with the bell from the ship, the recovery of which proved that the wreck was truly the Whydah.  Toward the end of the exhibit they had several concretions and displays explaining how they recovered the artifacts without destroying them, and without them deteriorating as soon as they hit air.  The concretions and the bell itself were all either submerged in tanks or kept constantly wet; everything else was displayed in the open or regular museum cases.  It was fascinating to see what survived (gunpowder, brass, wood) vs. what was simply gone (steel-- they had several hilts, for instance, with no trace of the blade they once held except the cavity for the tang), and the literal sea change in the iron pieces that made them look like black petrified wood.  I've read quite a bit on the Golden Age of piracy, but seeing the artifacts, the walk-through recreations of sections of the ship, was at once rousing and humbling.  I suppose that makes it the definition of sublime. :)

Oh, and a word in general on exhibitions like this-- ALWAYS get the audio tour.  We've done that now for Body Worlds, the special effects/audioanimatronics exhibit, and this one (and probably others I'm forgetting), and they all added immeasurably to the experiences.  Totally worth it.

You betcha

Whew.  Big busy weekend at the Equestrian Symposium in Rivenstar.  I've never felt more warmly welcomed at any event-- absolutely a great bunch of people.  Beautiful site, great classes, and gorgeous horses, including a good number of drafters, which I adore.  Had a great time, listened to Moonwulf sing some incredible (and funny) songs, and learned stuff.

Plus I got my marshal's warrant, and became only the second eq marshal in the entire Midlands.  "Pretty happy about that" is the understatement of the year.

But the Guard prevail

Yesterday was Chamfron-- the fourth in four years.  I'm quite proud. :)  Aziza was an absolute doll, even though Gary had to bodily lift me out of the saddle and set me on the ground after-- maybe-- fifteen to twenty minutes of riding.  He, Catriona, Saburou, and various others followed me around throughout the day with fans and shade and drinks, and all did a fantastic job of keeping me upright.  (I love my friends, and with excellent reason.)  And later in the day, Philippe presented me with my apprentice belt during a lovely little ceremony at which even Aziza was present.  The day, despite killer heat, shaky limbs, and loose joints, was glorious.